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H-polimer STP - Polimer transparent

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290 ml

Descriere produs

Multipurpose assembly adhesive for various type of materials. It has high initial adhesion with excellent adhesion to all building substrates (including wet materials) and excellent mechanical resistance.


  • bonding and sealing of all construction materials: natural stone, wood, concrete,
    metal, brick, glass, ceramics, plaster, polyurethane, plastics, chipboard etc.
  • flexible bonding in vibrating elements
  • bonding of elements of galvanized steel sheets, brass and other metals


Versatile adhesive based on STP (silane-terminated polyurethan) featuring high initial adhesion. Supremely adherent to any building substrates even on wet surfaces.

H-polymer STP is transparent odourless adhesive, it contains no solvents, isocyanates and silicones. Resistant to many chemicals: weak acids, alkalis and oils.

Excellent initial adhesion allows for mounting without supporting the elements being glued. Joint can be painted after curing (also with watercolours). The bonding is permanent, completely resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation.

Processing time

Cca 6 -8


Curing time


mm/24 h

Application's temperature (use)

+5 až +45


Thermal resistance (cured product)

-40 až +80


Initial constraint on horizontal surface



Initial constraint on vertical surface



Shore A Hardness

cca 45



1,00 – 1,05


Elongation at break according to ISO 8339




You get about 23 mb of 4 mm diameter joints from the 290 ml cartridge.

Packaging and storage:

Store in original packaging in a dry and cool place for a period of 18 months from the production date at temperatures from 5 up to 35 °C. Protect from freezing temperatures and reach of children.


The surface for bonding with H-polymer STP Transparent should be clean and free of dirt, dust, fat, grease, rust and other substances that impair adhesion. The adhesive does not require a primer, however if some surfaces do need a primer.

Prior to application of the adhesive protect edges with masking tape. Apply using manual or pneumatic guns. The adhesive may be smoothed with a spatula for spreading silicone dampened in silicone wetting preparation or soap solution. Use plastic or stainless-steel tools.

The adhesive cures through a reaction with moisture in the air and therefore the seal should be performed in conditions that allow access of air. Upon finishing the work is wipe the tools with a paper towel and wash with solvent.


HRANIGUN - Pistol de aplicare pentru siliconi și polimeri

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